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обальное бесплатное дистанционное высшее образование. Global Distance Higher Education. Открытые образовательные ресурсы. Open Educational Resources. Открытые образовательные платформы. Глобальное образование.









open code

open code

Опубликовано 22.06.2013

   EdX team made their code open source



    One of the biggest (yet newest) names in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is edX. In case you’re new to the MOOC or Edudemic world, edX is basically a consortium of schools that have banded together to assemble a robust library of online courses. From Physics to History to Computer Science, many of the world’s largest universities and colleges have come together to use the edX online learning platform.

    And now the edX platform is yours. The edX team made their code open source as of June 1, 2013 and are actively encouraging developers around the world to remix, rethink, and build onto the platform. After all, what better way to develop a product than to have countless people around the world add to it, use it, and continuously test it. The model has worked for a ton of major web tools like WordPress and Wikipedia.