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Опубликовано 16.06.2013

Frank Minister

David Willetts, minister of universities and science in the United Kingdom, urged universities to  invest in putting courses online. This was not just a call to action, but also an indication that the e-learning revolution has now reached the top of the UK government’s priority list.

Due to all the recent changes in the British market, e-learning is certainly something that all higher education leaders should be considering as an alternative tool for expanding global reach, improving access and, of course, increasing revenue.

The decline in enrolments at universities on both sides of the Atlantic indicates once more how important it is for institutions to promote innovation in order to become more competitive.

Our colleagues from the business world tend to say that when a market is stagnated, one of the best solutions is to expand your zone of operation and explore new regions. But when it comes to higher education, an industry that relies a lot on infrastructure and personnel, moving into transnational education can easily hit huge obstacles.